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About Us

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Future controls offer solutions to the the hot runner injection molding industry.

Serving the plastics industry since 1987, Future Controls designs, manufactures and distributes temperature control systems and accessories for the hot runner injection molding industry.

Since our inception, Future Controls has been a major supplier of control products to some of the biggest OEM's in the hot runner control market. Those relationships continue to strengthen and Future Controls remains a critical link in their supply chain to reach and support their global customer base. Serving the industry from this position our company has grown and diversified significantly. Future Controls has, beyond a doubt, put more control product into the industry than any other manufacturer; over 40,000 mainframe systems, hundreds of thousands of cables, mold connectors and terminal boxes. Our time and history in the marketplace, as well as the distributor relationships we have developed, has uniquely positioned Future Controls in the industry to help customers stay a step ahead of their competitors in today's dynamic and changing manufacturing environment.

Our distributor relationships are extremely important to us. However, we also recognize that the market, and how to effectively reach the market, has changed significantly. While the advent of the "global market place," electronic marketing and service and an infusion of foreign competition have almost reduced the control system to a commodity, we believe that the larger companies' efforts to compete in this environment have in many cases left customers wanting. Customers are finding it more and more difficult to get the support, and especially technical support, that they need to stay ahead of the field.

To accommodate these needs Future Controls has retooled its business model to include marketing our products directly to our customers, rather than only through distribution. By doing so we are confident that we can better service customers by providing immediate responses and solutions to their hot runner control applications. Our engineers and technicians have been in the hot runner business for over thirty years. Every one of our products are designed and manufactured in-house; nothing is imported and resold, as is the current industry trend. So most importantly, when and if you have questions or difficulty, Future Controls has personnel immediately available to provide solutions to your needs. You will not be passed from one representative to another who does not have the answers that you need. We specialize in control systems and interconnect specifically for the runnerless injection molding market, and it is our intent that every customer will benefit from our expertise.

We bring the strength and depth of our experience to every sale and application regardless of its significance. Whether it is our strong, proven and reliable products or our personal customer support, we are confident that your first order with us will not be your last. Give us an opportunity to work with you and we will provide you with the best service that our industry has to offer.


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